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Let’s prevent what we can! The value and power of routine dental check-ups

Favero Family Dental is proud to shine with an array of services that protect the mouth. We get ahead of problems with routine dental cleanings and examinations. Professional cleaning by one of our skilled dental hygienists removes what your toothbrush and floss cannot, while exams by one of our talented dentists, Drs. Stephen Blake Favero and Khourschid Favero, detect problems that might have been missed. Untreated oral conditions can lead to the loss of teeth. The oral issues we treat can be life-threatening in the case of pre-cancers and cancers. Our team in Denton, Texas, takes the tack of – Why treat when you can prevent? 

Home care is not a substitute for professional cleanings

Dental check-ups generally include teeth cleaning and a comprehensive oral exam. These visits should occur at least twice yearly, once every six months. Since we understand that each patient is unique, Drs. Stephen Blake Favero and Khourschid Favero may recommend more frequent check-ups. We need to closely monitor the mouths of our friends with active disease or who have risk factors for conditions such as gum disease and oral cancer. 

Now, many of you may be thinking: “But I always brush and floss my teeth! Why do I need a cleaning at your office, too?” Congrats on keeping up with great home care. Professional care is an essential accompaniment. Our doctors are trained in the use of special techniques and instruments. They can gently and completely remove all substances that promote the development of harmful conditions, such as bacteria and sticky dental plaque. Bacterial plaque is constantly forming on the teeth. No one can possibly remove all of the plaque that forms. When it builds up on the teeth, plaque hardens into calculus or tartar. Tartar is tenacious; it can only be removed with professional care and tools. As an added bonus: We remove surface stains and keep your mouth feeling fresh and your breath smelling great! 

The power and value of exams

While oral conditions are highly preventable, they are also notoriously “silent” in their earliest stages. It is not uncommon for a patient to protest following a diagnosis of decay or gum disease, “But my mouth looks and feels fine.” Commonly, problems like enamel erosion and gingival inflammation are asymptomatic. It is not until after these conditions have progressed that patients may notice bleeding when they brush their teeth or tenderness when they touch their gums. We use our know-how to pinpoint these problems when they are easiest to treat successfully and conservatively, and we also use cutting-edge technologies to see what cannot be seen with our eyes. 

Are you or a family member due for a check-up? Call Favero Family Dental today! Our office in Denton, TX, can be reached at (940) 566-2847. We welcome your call.

Dr. Stephen Blake Favero

Dr. Stephen Blake Favero

Dr. Khourschid Favero

Dr. Khourschid Favero

Drs. Khourschid Favero and Stephen Blake Favero are esteemed dental professionals who exemplify expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Dr. Stephen Blake Favero, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, earned his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University and pursued dentistry at the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health. There, he met his future wife, Dr. Khourschid Favero, a UCLA graduate from Simi Valley, CA. The couple, who fell in love during dental school, now proudly serves the Denton, TX, community through Favero Family Dental. They are committed to excellence and utilize cutting-edge dental equipment, offering services from checkups and cleanings to cosmetic procedures and emergency dentistry. Patients praise their personalized, comfortable approach, making Favero Family Dental a trusted choice in Denton County, TX.