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Modern materials meet exacting techniques for dentures that look, feel, and function like the “real deal”!

At Favero Family Dental, we are proud neighbors and responsible community stewards. However, we are also privileged to provide state-of-the-art dentistry and “timeless” quality of unhurried, trusted, kind, and non-judgmental care and service. The individuals and families we serve in Denton, Argyle, Sanger, and greater northern Texas enjoy all of the latest materials, techniques, and technologies that modern dentistry offers. For this reason, our approaches to “partials” and complete dentures transcend what many people may think of as “traditional” dentures. 

Notably, our dentists, Dr. Khourschid Favero and Dr. Stephen Blake Favero recognize that designing your dentures is a process. It takes time and requires considerable information about your mouth, personal characteristics, and preferences. Furthermore, several impressions or models of your teeth will be made throughout treatment. Attention to detail and exacting planning is essential. With this approach, we can place dentures that: 

  • Fit the contours of your mouth precisely – Many common complaints associated with removable dentures are rooted in a poor fit. When dentures do not fit well, they tend to slip around. Speech, eating, and other basic functions suffer. 
  • Look like natural teeth and gums – We use high-quality materials and exacting techniques to ensure that your prosthetic soft and hard tissues do not resemble the dreaded plastic or fake-looking ”false teeth.” 
  • Last and not least – In addition to placing dentures that are strong and durable, we work closely with patients to ensure they know how to take care of their dentures in the best way possible. We encourage follow-up visits. So we can check that your dentures still fit well. They may need to be relined, rebased, or otherwise adjusted over time. We even provide tips on how to quickly get used to wearing and using your dentures.

Our denture options are also vast. Temporary dentures may be appropriate for individuals undergoing cosmetic treatment or to quickly resolve the likes of knocked-out or avulsed teeth in the interim. “Partials” are suitable for those patients who still have some remaining teeth. The denture connects to these teeth through a metal framework and specialized attachments. Full dentures owe their support to the afore-described proper fit. Natural suction and special products like adhesives help to hold the upper and lower denture(s) in place. Immediate dentures may be fitting for those individuals who want to replace their teeth during the same appointment as their extractions. Provisional dentures are first placed, followed by permanent dentures after the extraction sites have healed. Lastly, implant-retained dentures (partials and “overdentures”) are held in place by implants stabilized in the jaw and designed to function like tooth roots. 

Stop holding on to aching teeth. Smile with confidence again! Enjoy your favorite foods. These and other quality-of-life-boosting benefits of the modern tooth replacement process can be yours at Favero Family Dental. Call (940) 566-2847 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Khourschid Favero or Dr. Stephen Blake Favero at our office in Denton, TX, today.