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How dental bridges get you to your goal smile

Bridges help you to get from one point to the next. Dental bridges, when lovingly crafted by Dr. K Favero and Dr. Blake Favero, allow you to get from a lackluster smile and aching teeth to your “goal” smile and comfortable, healthy teeth.

The Favero Family Dental team in Denton is proud to serve the oral health needs of individuals and their families throughout Argyle, Sanger, and our surrounding northern region of Texas. We do so with a blend of timeless friendly, transparent, and unhurried care and modern diagnostics and advanced techniques. Dr. K and Dr. Blake spend a great deal of time getting to know each patient’s unique needs. They use sophisticated technologies to plan treatments precisely. The goal is for any rebuilt or prosthetic teeth to look, feel, and function no differently than natural teeth that remain in great shape! 

In partnership with you, we may determine that dental bridges are a straightforward, attractive, affordable, and durable way to replace a single tooth or a few teeth. While there are many different types of dental bridges, the “standard” design goes a little something like this: 

  • The “pontic” represents the replacement tooth. Depending on your needs, more than one pontic may be made and placed to restore the appearance and function of your smile. 
  • As with an architectural bridge, “supports” are necessary. These supports come in the form of adjacent teeth. These teeth are called “abutments.” They will hold the pontic in place. 
  • They are crowned to ensure the abutments can optimally anchor the pontic(s). All dental crowns require the removal of some of the tooth. So, the crown then fits on top of the tooth properly.
  • The crowns and the pontic(s) are fused together into one piece. This single unit is, effectively, the dental bridge. 
  • Your bridge is secured to the prepared and reduced abutment teeth on either side of the space where the tooth used to be. 
  • Once the bridge is cemented in place, the pontic fills in the empty space.

Modern dental bridges are largely “fixed” (non-removable). They are designed to last for many years with good care. We can demonstrate how to clean underneath the bridge properly. We may even recommend good products to make it easier to remove bacteria, food particles, and plaque from the tight space underneath the bridge. Individuals who desire an even lower maintenance option may benefit from dental implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures. A dental bridge or other types of prosthetic teeth may be stabilized in the mouth by a lab-made tooth root. Each dental implant (or “root”) is precisely placed or positioned in the jawbone. Since the replacement teeth are retained by implants in the jaw, there is no need to remove healthy tooth structure from neighboring teeth. 

There is no reason to hold on to painful, badly damaged teeth, nor should you suffer from embarrassing gaps in your smile with so many great options to restore your lovely and healthy smile in Denton, TX! Call Favero Family Dental at (940) 566-2847 to schedule your consultation today.