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Keep your smile happy and healthy for life with a range of restorative dental options

The Department of Health and Human Services reports that almost 12% of our fellow Texans (aged 18 and older) have experienced the loss of at least six teeth. It does not have to be this way! Led by talented dentists Dr. Khourschid Favero and Dr. Stephen Blake Favero, Favero Family Dental works closely with individuals across Denton, Argyle, Sanger, and greater northeastern Texas. These valued partnerships both aid in protecting the teeth and preserving them should they sustain damage, not limited to the leading causes of tooth loss: dental decay and periodontal (gum) disease. 

Restorative dentistry 

Our patients benefit from a combination of “timeless” dental care and service and “timely” modern dental treatments, techniques, and technologies. We use advanced diagnostic tools to “catch” problems early before they cause damage or when the damage can be resolved quickly, easily, and conservatively. Options to resolve symptoms such as pain and to restore the teeth to their natural beauty, strength, and function include: 

  • Dental fillings, made from materials such as composite to “fill in” cavities or holes in the teeth caused by the process of dental decay
  • Dental inlays and onlays, conservative alternatives to full crowns to treat larger cavities and more extensive damage caused by decay and other trauma 
  • Full crowns fabricated from ceramics, metals, or a blend of both types of materials

The dental crown fits on top of the tooth. It can be used to strengthen teeth weakened by fractures, decay, and injury. Crowns may also be fitted on top of very irregularly-shaped teeth to correct these and other types of cosmetic concerns, which cannot be addressed properly with professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental bonding, and other cosmetic dentistry services. 

Lastly, inflammation and infection within the innermost tooth structure may be treated with root canal therapy followed by a dental crown. In turn, Dr. Khourschid Favero and Dr. Stephen Blake Favero can save even badly damaged teeth in this manner. Extractions followed by replacement teeth are avoided. However, should you need to replace teeth, we offer many prosthetic options that look, feel, and function like the “real deal.” These options range from dental bridges to partial and complete dentures, to crowns, bridges, and dentures that are supported by dental implants (which function like tooth roots).

With preventative dentistry at Favero Family Dental, you can avoid the need for restorative treatment. Do not wait for a tooth to ache or other changes to arise before contacting us. Schedule an appointment by contacting our Denton, TX office at (940) 566-2847.

Dr. Stephen Blake Favero

Dr. Stephen Blake Favero

Dr. Khourschid Favero

Dr. Khourschid Favero

Drs. Khourschid Favero and Stephen Blake Favero are esteemed dental professionals who exemplify expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Dr. Stephen Blake Favero, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, earned his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University and pursued dentistry at the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health. There, he met his future wife, Dr. Khourschid Favero, a UCLA graduate from Simi Valley, CA. The couple, who fell in love during dental school, now proudly serves the Denton, TX, community through Favero Family Dental. They are committed to excellence and utilize cutting-edge dental equipment, offering services from checkups and cleanings to cosmetic procedures and emergency dentistry. Patients praise their personalized, comfortable approach, making Favero Family Dental a trusted choice in Denton County, TX.